Thursday, May 10, 2012


                                              SHORT BIO - Ausben Dwayne

 By: SpottedEagle
        Born in Texas now living in nyc, King Aus, graduated from a performing arts high school and college with a BFA in Musical theatre.  Aus has grown to be one of the few new school dance Icon's of today. Recently forming an all style crew name " The IvyLeague",  comprised of some of New York Cities best dancers of today. Giving them the tittle by peers as the "New School" Elite Force.  Just three years after he form the world known "Imperial House Of Waacking".       

                     In 2007 King Aus started to get noticed in the underground scene in the popping and waacking scene of NY. Winning the first official waacking battle ever, then going on to win or place in battles around the world. King  is known for his soulful yet explosive style, and his knowledge of many forms of the Arts. His training  gave him the chance to work with such artist as Swedish Artist Loreen, Jody Watley, Madonna, Run DMC, MC LIGHT, Wayne Brady, Cypress Hill, Snoop Dog and more to date. He has also been in feature films and television shows and promo's like. So You Think You Can Dance, Live To Dance, Step Up 3d, Japan Uniqlo Commercial, Honor Deferred with Samuel L Jackson . Those same talents have mad him an Icon in over 15 countries around the world.Yet he says other than dance his passion is making music. King Aus says he Thanks all who have helped on his journey, and he's proud to be an Apache Indian.  

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