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✮Dancehall Party✮STEIN (Jam) LIVE✮DANJAH LIVE✮

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ovamarz - Bio

Marlon 'Ovamarz' Hardy, dancer out of Above a dem Squad and a former member of Ravers Claversdance group has been making his presence felt in the entertainment scene and his talent is uniquely jaw dropping, excitement packed and creativity is displayed in his every dance move.
Born, Marlon Hardy, second of three brothers, resides with his parents and brothers in Nanny Ville Garden, Kingston Jamaica. He started dancing at the tender age of twelve. Dancing is in his family as he has a younger brother (Sir Yummy) another "Above a Dem" member who also participates in the 'raging bull' dance that won Ovamarz his recognition in the dancing fraternity.
Ovamarz attended Excelsior Primary, Norman Garden AllAge and then went on to Clan Carty High School. His interest in dancing started in 1995 while watching a hometown dancer by the name of 'Fowla' dancing to the popular 'Caveman Sound System' at the market shed center. As a youngster, he would then go home and practice the dance moves until he perfected it. The young Jamaican dancer gained fame later on in the year when he was called in the dancing ring by 'Fowla' at an outdoor party along with Ding Dong, another dancer from the group. He did the "Raging Bull” dance and received an overwhelming applause from the patrons and was declared 'good to go' by 'Fowla' and thus the start of his appearances at parties, fetes and clubs.
He was named 'Ovamarz' by friends in 1998 because of his great admiration and constant reference to the popular Holland world-cup player Marc Overmars. His popularity rose even more while competing with another dancer 'Shortman' at the Asylum Club. Ovamarz act caught the attention of the late dance icon 'Bogle' and he was invited to go places with the famous dancer along with the other members of the crew.
The Jamaican Star, Chat, Gleaner and Xtra-News has featured highlights on Ovamarz dancing accomplishments and the dancer appeared in many music videos. His talent is especially displayed in the dances "Nuh Behavia","Nuh Linga","Raging Bull", "Conquer Them", "The Virus Spin," "Paper Bag","Footloose" and "Papa P" . Ovamarz look up to all the dancers in the business because each has their own style but he will always be striving to excel in all areas of the business. He has performed in Antigua, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Barbados, Canada, England and USA. His dancing experiences are unlimited as he has danced beside the best of Jamaican dancers and with his many creative sources and untapped potentials, this dancer's purpose is to take it to the next level and create an impact all around the world.
Currently, the multi-talented Ovamarz is recording various singles for this year and hopes to achieve enough success that will eventually lead to a channel that will enable him to assist his younger brother, his dance crew "Above A Dem Squad" and future upcoming dancers to embark on an exciting but profitable career.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Waacking Master Class Med King Aus aka Ninja (Från NYC till Sverige)

DATUM: MAJ 30 2012
TID: 19.00-21.00
PLATS: BLUE HILL (Hagalundsgatan 21 Solna) 
PRIS: 180kr

Anmäl dig för ett billigare pris! endast 150kr. 
Email: royalflowentertainment@gmail.com

TELE: 0765-592-398

Thursday, May 10, 2012


                                              SHORT BIO - Ausben Dwayne

 By: SpottedEagle
        Born in Texas now living in nyc, King Aus, graduated from a performing arts high school and college with a BFA in Musical theatre.  Aus has grown to be one of the few new school dance Icon's of today. Recently forming an all style crew name " The IvyLeague",  comprised of some of New York Cities best dancers of today. Giving them the tittle by peers as the "New School" Elite Force.  Just three years after he form the world known "Imperial House Of Waacking".       

                     In 2007 King Aus started to get noticed in the underground scene in the popping and waacking scene of NY. Winning the first official waacking battle ever, then going on to win or place in battles around the world. King  is known for his soulful yet explosive style, and his knowledge of many forms of the Arts. His training  gave him the chance to work with such artist as Swedish Artist Loreen, Jody Watley, Madonna, Run DMC, MC LIGHT, Wayne Brady, Cypress Hill, Snoop Dog and more to date. He has also been in feature films and television shows and promo's like. So You Think You Can Dance, Live To Dance, Step Up 3d, Japan Uniqlo Commercial, Honor Deferred with Samuel L Jackson . Those same talents have mad him an Icon in over 15 countries around the world.Yet he says other than dance his passion is making music. King Aus says he Thanks all who have helped on his journey, and he's proud to be an Apache Indian.  



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Cranberry Riddim CD (Cover)
Cranberry Riddim CD (Cover)
Claims Records releases the new Fresh riddim named Cranberry like a fruit. Featuring Great artists like Beenie Man, Capleton, Gyptian, Mavado or Jah Vinci and many others. This riddim is available to purchase on Itunes. Support Gutty Bling, Support Claims Records.
  • © 2012 Claims Records
  • May, 2012
  • 17 Tracks
  • # CDs
  • 1 CD
  • 47min 44sec
  • 320 kbps
  • 101 Mo
  • YES
  • ID3 TAGS
  • v2.3
  • 44.100KHz
  • Joint Stereo
  • Yes
  • BPM
  • 110
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01Beenie ManMust Have Forgot02:24
02CapletonLove Me Off03:06
03Chase CrossMouth Murderer02:47
04DetermineLiquor Store03:15
05GyptianLip Lip02:10
06Jah VinciDoh Stop (Clean)02:34
07Jah VinciDoh Stop (Raw)02:43
10JuvenileHold On Tight02:32
11Keida & Boom BoomShake It & Brace02:29
12KibakiGirls from All Round03:04
13Lil RickParty Everyday02:23
14MavadoIn This World03:55
15Singing SweetStyle & Class03:07
16SizzlaParty Shat02:32
17Claims RecordsCranberry Riddim (Instrumental)03:35
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